Alachua Real Estate

Alachua, Fl is a unique little town. Once referred to as a “bedroom” community outside Gainesville, Alachua has advanced in the economic world, while retaining its wonderful 1950's style Main Street that never ceases to please visitors and residents alike. Alachua's main street is celebrated for its winding expanse of quaint shops, including an old style candy store and Bradford pear trees.

Alachua has taken care to control its economic growth in terms that complement its identity as a pretty, small town. Even the new development one block from the main street has been carefully managed to have the Alachua appearance of brick front stores.

The residents of Alachua welcome all sorts of visitors to share in the beautiful landscape of dogwoods, oaks, and old Florida architecture. This is one of those towns wherein people call each other by name at the little post office. Check out Alachua real estate or Alachua vacation possibilities.

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