Florida Golf Courses

Even in Orlando, where the geographical and entertainment landscapes are dominated by Disney World, people still golf. This is a signature of Florida; the entire State is a haven for golfers, whatever kind of courses they're looking for. How could it be otherwise? Most of Florida is blessed with at least 275 days of sun a year, and of course the climate can't be beat. Vacationers come here to work on their tan while they tee off at some of the finest courses in the world, designed by the masters.

One of the most popular ways for golfers to enjoy the options in Florida is to get a golf vacation package. They come with their spouses and partners, rent a hotel or a condo, and each member of the couple is free to do as they wish in this wonderland. One golfs while the other basks on the incredible beaches, or shops in some of the finest retail opportunities that exist. How can such a vacation be anything other than heaven?

The quality of the golf in Florida is matched by its variety. Daily fee golf offerings complement the availability of membership courses, providing premium golfing opportunities to anyone with the drive to golf. Thinking of taking a golf holiday? You'll find no better destination for luxurious golfing than the peerless State of Florida.