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People come from all over the United States, and indeed the world, to visit our beautiful paradise. Florida is recognized internationally as a premier vacation spot, owing to its abundance of a variety of heavenly amenities. Splendid golf courses, white sand beaches lapped by warm emerald waters, and a lively cultural scene all lend themselves to create an absolute wonderland on the edge of the Caribbean Sea.

Florida hotels play a vital role in the State's reputation as a paradisical hotspot. Even if they didn't set the standard for excellence and luxury in the hotel world, hotels in Florida would still represent the best in vacation accommodation, owing to their locations along beautiful beaches and amidst lush ecosystems astride famous parklands. However, Florida hotels have always presented their own incentives for visitors. Fine dining, excellent service, and luxurious amenities prevail among hotels in Florida. In fact, some of the earliest vacationing in America took place in the early days of Florida, when people traveled from as far away as Asia to bask in the balmy, comfortable climate that blesses this State.

Indeed, Florida hotels have a long history of offering the best in lifestyle to visitors. Many of our best towns and cities began as visionary hoteliers' getaway destinations, growing into lasting resort communities as the State filled with residents looking to benefit from the best climate in North America. Come and explore the options open to you in the Florida hotel world, and you'll undoubtedly feel like you've rested a thousand years.