Resorts in Florida

A great deal of Florida has been settled on the grounds of 19th-century resort lands, first established by visionary hoteliers and vacation gurus who saw the infinite possibilities for luxury afforded by Florida's climate and ecosystems. It's no surprise! The landscape here is unsurpassingly beautiful, characterized by the greenest waters, the lushest bayous, fragrant cypress marshes, and of course, fantastic white sand beaches.

Resorts in Florida take a variety of forms, harnessing the boundless array of amenities afforded by the different types of landscape. Hunt for game in the Everglades, go deep-sea fishing, relax on a huge stretch of beach, or shop amidst a richly diverse and modern array of colorful urban streetscapes. Or you can rest up in a cabin near a marina, or use it as a jumping point for a hike across the bayou. Either way, you're guaranteed to enjoy your stay in any resort in Florida, relaxing in some of the finest vacation property in the world.